Balance Sheet for Projects (July 18-Jun 19)

Mandatory Accounts Statement

Accounts July 01, 2019-2020

Here is the details of project-wise fund-flow.
 Main Account   Feed-a-Kid  Outdoor Clinical Survey  TVRF  Intangible 
Cash in hand16421.44FaK Balance7230OCS Balance4903TVRF Reserve6634.06Net Cash =11688.5
Carry Forward1906750715040700023500
NameCreditCR. No.DebitCreditDebitCreditDebitCreditDebitReceievableLiability
187Dress for Kids7860
186Food for Kids1016
185Food for Kids1260
184Fridge Sales Proceeds9700
183Uday Shankar Hajra (Member)2000
182Bodhisattwa Maity1500
181Transfer to FaK10000From Main10000
180Food for kids1364
179Food for kids1299
178Food for kids1210
177Food for kids1280
176Food for kids1321
175Dress for Kids3144
173Food for kids1299
172Food for kids1299
171Food for kids1365
170Food for kids1280
169Food for kids1321
168Pam Chatterjee10000303
167Transfer to FaK10000From Main10000
166Food for kids1486
165Food for kids1299
164Tarun Bhargav1000302
163Amitrajit Saha10000301
162Milli Ghosh700300
161C Parthapratim6000299
160Rent & Water8500
159Food for kids1299
158Food for kids1299
157Food for kids1384
156Food for kids2610
155Food for kids1486
154Food for Kids1486Fe Tab285
153Food for Kids1299Albendazole112
152Transfer to OCS5000From Main5000
151Food for Kids1320
150Food for Kids1255
149Credit to TVRF11911.96
148Food for kids720
147Food for kids810
146Food for kids810
145Food for kids590
144Food for kids810
143Trfr to Fak10000From Main10000
142Food for kids810
141Food for kids750
140Food for kids780
139Payel Banerjee -(Charges)951.1298
138Food for kids670
137Food for kids782Medicine for Kashmir28034
136Sunil Nataraj1500297Collection 12758
135Transfer to FaK15000From Main15000Chaitya Patrika3200
134Food for kids750C Parthapratim1500
133Food for kids510
132Food for kids540
131Food for kids1050
130Food for kids690
129Food for kids810
128Food for kids810
127Food for Kids840
126Tarun Bhargav5000296
125Uday Shankar Hajra (Member)2000295
124Arnab Basu500294
123Bibek Sen500293
122Pam Chatterjee10000292
121Food for kids582
120Saumitra Dasgupta3000291
119Food for kids670
118Food for kids670
117Amitrajit Saha10000290
116C Parthapratim4000289
115Milli Ghosh1000288
114Rent & Water8500
113Transfer to TVRF1500From Main1500
112Rashmee Paul145028748.7
111Food for kids510
110Food for kids510
109Food for kids540
108Food for kids600
107Food for kids750
106Food for kids720
105Food for kids810
104Food for Kids630
103Transfer to FaK10000From Main10000
102Food for kids950
101Food for kids810
100Food for kids540
99Food for kids600
98Food for kids750
97Food for kids720
96Food for kids830
95Food for Kids810
94Papiya Mazumdar2000286
93Anish Mathew5000285
92Transfer to TVRV2398.1From Main2398.1
91Flash Fund Raiser (Kashmir)2398.1
90Food for kids1302
89Food for kids720
88Food for kids878
87Food for kids785
86Food for kids610
85Transfer to FaK10000From Main10000
84Food for Kids780
83Food for Kids730
82Food for Kids940
81Food for Kids870
80Bodhisattwa Maity500284
79Food for Kids900
78Bibek Sen500283
77Thalassemia Camp6300
76Food for Kids795
75Pam Chatterjee10000282
74Thalassemia Camp400
73Payel Banerjee -(Charges)99028140
72Manish Mukul Ghosh5000280
71Food for kids590
70Transfer to FaK5000From Main5000
69Food for kids985
68Collection Charge+GST21.96
67Labani Roychoudhury500279
66Tarun Bhargav2000278
65Food for kids795
64Website renewal total2200
63Food for kids864
62C Parthapratim4000277
60Amitrajit Saha10000276
59Electricity bill234
58Rent & Water8500
57Food for Kids915
56Transfer to OCS1032From Main1032
55Food for Kids870
54Food for Kids530
53Food for Kids940
52Food for Kids780
51Transfer to FaK10000From Main10000
50Received from FD10012
49Food for Kids810
48Food for Kids945
47Food for Kids780
46Food for Kids684
45HPLC (Tehmina)950
44Food for Kids910
43Food for Kids945
42Food for Kids780
41Bodhisattwa Maity500275
40Food for Kids940
39Food for Kids870
38Payel Banerjee -(Charges)99027440
37Food for Kids814
36Transfer to OCS5000From Main5000
35Monzi Khaleda Begum500273
34Manish Mukul Ghosh5000272
33Transfer to FaK5000From Main5000
32Uday Shankar Hajra (Member)2000271
31Bibek Sen500270
30Food for Kids690
29Food for Kids940
28Food for Kids780
27Food for Kids780
26Food for Kids814
25Volunteer Pay2000
24Food for Kids690
23Food for Kids690
22Food for Kids810
21Reinvested FD10000
20Received from FD10182
19Sanitary Pads (18)396
18Fe Tabs (18 strips)1026
17Repeat Test (34)1700
16Food for Kids810
15Food for Kids945
14Food for Kids780
13Transfer to FaK10000From Main10000
12Plantation Project (Donate)1000
11Pam Chatterjee10000269
10Food for Kids690
9Food for Kids915
8Food for Kids820
7Rajarshi Sarkar500268
6Tarun Bhargav3000267
5Food for Kids814
4Transfer to FaK5000From Main5000
3Food for Kids745
2Rent & Water8500
1C Parthapratim4000266

WATAN Accounts from July 01, 2018

 Main Account   Feed-a-Kid  Outdoor Clinical Survey  TVRF  Intangible 
Cash in hand19067.23FaK Balance5071OCS Balance5040TVRF Reserve700Net Cash16560.23
SerialNameCreditCR. No.DebitCreditDebitCreditDebitCreditDebitReceievableLiability
518Paid in AdvanceFood for Kids780
517Paid in AdvanceFood for Kids780
516Food for Kids515
515Food for Kids780
514Food for Kids910
513Food for Kids1011
512Food for Kids896
511Trfr to FaK10000From Main10000
510Food for Kids720
509Food for Kids212
508Food for Kids1028
507Food for Kids515
506Food for Kids780
505Food for Kids910
504Food for Kids1022
503Food for Kids896
502Food for Kids716
501Food for Kids560
500Bodhisattva Maity500265
499Food for Kids840
498Food for Kids720
497Food for Kids870
496Payel Banerjee990264
495Food for Kids930
494Food for Kids900
493Food for Kids840
492Transfer to FaK10000From Main10000
491Food for Kids968
490Food for Kids840
489Food for Kids720
488Food for Kids896
487Withdraw from TVRF20000Withdraw Main20000
486Uday Shankar Hajra (Member)2000
485Monzi Khaleda Begum1000263
484Transfer to TVRF21000From Main21000
483C Parthapratim20000262
482Food for Kids450
481Food for Kids735
480Food for Kids840
479Food for Kids896
478Food for Kids896
477Food for Kids560
476Monzi Khaleda Begum1000261
475Amitrajit Saha10000260
474Transfer to FaK8000From main8000
473Bibek Sen500259
472Manish Mukul Ghosh5000258
471Dress for Kids6858
470Food for Kids735
469Food for Kids840
468Food for Kids896
467Food for Kids896
466Rent + Water8500
465C Parthapratim4000257814
464Food for Kids840
463Food for Kids450
462Food for Kids896
461Food for Kids896
460Food for Kids
459Pam Chatterjee10000256812
458Food for Kids840
457Food for Kids896
456Food for Kids812
455Food for Kids784
454Food for Kids
453Volunteer & Logistics2000
452Trfr to FaK8000From Main8000860
451Food for Kids540
450Food for Kids960
449Food for Kids660
448Food for Kids
447Bodhisattva Maity500255720
446Food for Kids1050
445Food for Kids1050
444Food for Kids870
443Food for Kids870
442Food for Kids720
441Food for Kids720
440Food for Kids540
439Food for Kids
438Uday Shankar Hajra (Member)2000254
437Manish Mukul Ghosh5000253
436Trfr to FaK15000From Main15000870
435Food for Kids900
434Food for Kids810
433Food for Kids
432Bibek Sen500252630
431Food for Kids
430Pam Chatterjee10000251900
429Food for Kids400
428Cash Allotment
427Manzi Khaleda Begum1000250
426Amitrajit Saha10000249
425Tarun Bhargava3000248
424Trfr to FaK5000Fom main5000400
423Cash allotment510
422Food for Kids810
421Food for Kids
420C Parthapratim4000247720
419Food for Kids
418Rent (May) + Maintenance8500
4172000Admin Charges3000
416Volunteer Pay780
414Food for Kids870
413Food for Kids690
412Food for Kids
411Susmita Biswas1000246
416TVRF (Alem Rahman)Alem Rahman5000
415TVRF (Sundar Biswas)Sundar Biswas3000
414TVRF (Swadesh Brahma)Swadesh Brahma6000
413TVRF (Saheb Ismail)1020Saheb Ismail3000
412Food for Kids900
411Food for Kids990
410Food for Kids870
409Food for Kids
408TVRF (Dipal Royburman)Dipal Royburman6000
407TVRF (Sk. Mustafizur)Sk. Mustafizur5000
406Trfr to TVRF Reserve19500From Main19500
405Ashok Deogharia & Brother2850245
404Kulsum Biwi 15000244
403Lali Chattoraj Sengupta2000243780
402Food for Kids990
401Food for Kids
400Transfer to TVRF11200From main11200
399Anish Mathew10000242
398Trfr to FaK5000From Main5000
397Ambulance & Car Expenses10000
396Withdraw from TVRF3000Trfr to Main3000
395C Parthapratim7000241
394Rashmee Paul1000240
393Ira Ghosh200239630
392Food for Kids810
391Food for Kids
390Napkin Stock200
389930Medicine Stock1360
388Food for Kids960
387Food for Kids
386440Rehab Lakshmi7000
385Food for Kids420
384Food for Kids1020
383Food for Kids
382Second hand sewing machine3500
381Resettling Lakshmi Das3000990
380Food for Kids910
379Food for Kids
378Trfr to Volunteer Cooch Behar5000
377Withdraw from TVRF5000Trfr to Main5000
376Transfer to FaK10000From Main10000930
375Food for Kids
374Manish Mukul Ghosh5000238
373Bodhisattva Maity500237930
372Food for kids1020
371Food for kids
368Fe Tab (11 strips)627
367930Camp Pathology1250
366Food for Kids
365Legal Expenses (Lakshmi)320900
364Food for Kids870
363Food for Kids870
362Food for Kids960
361Food for Kids
360Bibek Sen500236
359Pam Chatterjee10000235
358Amitrajit Saha10000234
357Uday Shankar Hajra (Member)2000233
356Monzi Khaleda Begum600232990
355Food for Kids1020
354Food for Kids
353Transfer to OCS5000660Form Main Account5000
352Food for Kid
351Trfr to FaK5000From Main5000
350C Parthapratim4000231
349Tarun Bhargava3000230
348Transfer to FaK2940From Main2940
347Withdraw from OCS2940Trfr to Main2940
346Upcoming Rent (May)8500
344Rent+Maintenance (April)8500870
343Food for Kid510
342Food for Kid930
341Food for Kid810
340Food for Kid960
339Food for Kid600
338Food for Kid870
337Food for Kid
336Transfer to OCS4000870From main acount4000
335Food for Kid
332Fe Tab (17 strips)969
331990Camp Pathology1500
330Food for Kids8103385
329Food for Kids
328Consolidated Volunteer Payment2500330
327Food for Kids
326Collection cost + GST111
325Deenu Francis (Member)3000
324Loan repayment by Hamid6000
323Transfer to FaK1000010000900
322Food for Kids
321Promo Shoot for W-ACE8501020
320Food for Kids660
319Food for Kids810
318Food for Kids
317Sarbari Das2000229810
316Food for Kids720
315Food for Kids870
314Food for Kids750
313Food for Kids540
312Food for Kids720
311Food for Kids360
310Food for Kids780
309Food for Kids
308Transfer to FaK80008000630
307Food for Kids690
306Food for Kids660
305Food for Kids780
304Food for Kids
303Pam Chatterjee5000228
302Uday Shankar Hajra (Member)2000227
301Bibek Sen500226720
300Food for Kids
299Short FD in Axis (60 days)1000010182
298Amitrajit Saha10000225660
297Food for Kids
296Medicine for Lakshmi Das742300
295Food for Kids
294Amitrajit Saha10000225A180
293Food for kids
292Manish Mukul Ghosh5000224840
291Food for Kids
290Trfr to FAK50005000
289C Parthapratim4000223
288Tarun Bhargava4000222
287Trfr to TVRF Reserve15000330Anish Mathew15000
286Food for Kids
284Rent (April)0
283Rent + Water8500480
282Upcoming Rent: AprilFood for Kids
281Lent out to Usman Hamid6000720
280Food for Kids600
279Food for Kids330
278Food for Kids
277Camp Medicine400
276Food for Camp450
275690Camp Pathology900
274Food for Kids
273Payout to Beneficiary10500
272Collection cost + GST325.68
271Collection for TVRF11000690
270Food for Kids270
269Food for Kids660
268Food for Kids720
267Food for Kids720
266Food for Kids
265Trfr to FAK50005000
264Anish Mathew15000221
263Manish Mukul Ghosh5000220
262Bodhisattva Maity1500219630
261Food for Kids750
260Food for Kids630
259Food for Kids720
258Food for Kids
257510Iron tab strips (10)570
256Food for Kids750
255Food for Kids
254Trfr to Clinical Survey1000010000
253Trfr to FAK50005000720
252Food for Kids
251Uday Shankar Hajra (Member)2000218570
249Food for Kids
248Pam Chatterjee5000217
246Food for kids720
245Food for kids
243Food for kids
242Amitrajit Saha10000216
241Camp: Medicine (Fe)135
240Camp: Food675
239Camp: Pathology1620
238Collection cost + GST38.94
237Bibek Sen1000215
236Rajarshi Sarkar500214
235Tarun Bhargava3000213
234C Parthapratim4000212
233Upcoming Rent: March0
232Rent + Water8500
231Uday Shankar Hajra (Member)2000211
230Sunil Nataraj (Member)1500210
229Design Provision3000
228Domain booking dabbaful472
227Pam Chatterjee10000209
226Delivery charge400
224Uday Shankar Hajra (Member)2000208
223Paint&Construction Stuff2000
222Anish Mathew5000207
221Paint&Construction Stuff500
220Paint&Construction Stuff2400
218Pam Chatterjee5000206
217Amitrajit Saha10000205
216C Parthapratim4000204
215Consolidated Vendor Pay2158
214Withdraw from FaK2200
212Provision for Tenancy24000
211Consolidated Vendor Pay1846
210Withdraw from FaK1850
209Bodhisattva Maity500203
208Consolidated Vendor Pay2682
207Withdraw from FaK2682
206Chaitya Patrika550
205Chaitya Patrika550
204Tarun Bhargava2000202
203Arnab Ghosh200201
202Santanu Chatterjee1000200
201Chaitya Patrika300
200Chaitya Patrika1000
199Uday Shankar Hajra (Member)3000199
198Cook Payment2000
197Sunil Nataraj (Member)1500198
196Volunteer & Logistics2400
195Collection cost + GST269
194Amitrajit Saha10000197
193Measuring Tape60
192Weight machine1990
191Bibek Sen1000196
190C Parthapratim4000195
189Pam Chatterjee5000194
188Utensils (Part 2)5390
187Santanu Konar2000193
186Chaitya Patrika216.89
185Trfr to FAK17500
184Uday Shankar Hajra (Member)2000192
183Monzi Khaleda Begum500191
182Consolidated Volunteer Payment1500
181Utensils (Part)6350.62
180Pam Chatterjee10000190
179Susmita Biswas1000189
178Chaitya Patrika5000
177Bodhisattva Maity500188
176GST+Collection cost12.84
175Javed Waris350187
174Consolidated Volunteer Payment2000
173Sunil Nataraj (Member)1500186
172GST+Collection cost269.04
171Amitrajit Saha10000185
170C Parthapratim4000184
169Trfr to FAK5000
168Trfr to FAK5000
167Sinha Solicitors (Adv)6000
166Anish Mathew5000183
165Filing Affidavit150
164Lawyer+Clerk (Affidavit)2500
163Consolidated Volunteer Payment2000
162Pam Chatterjee5000182
161Trfr to FAK3700
160Collection cost16.89
159C Parthapratim3000181
158Advance to vendor DDJ4300
157Advance to vendor BN4500
156Facebook Ad220.52
155FAK Project392
154Chaitya Patrika923.88
153Bibek Sen500180
152FAK Project534
151FAK Project588
150Sunil Nataraj (Member)1500179
149FAK Project588
148FAK Project594
147FAK Project567
146Papiya Mazumdar2000178
145FAK Project880
144Trfr to FAK15000
143Chaitya Patrika231
142FAK Project378
141Camp Expenses8100
140Trfr to FAK3000
139Bodhisattva Maity500177
138Pam Chatterjee5000176
137Susmita Biswas1000175
136Soumitra Dasgupta1000174
135Tarun Bhargava2000173
134FAK Project (4 days, Spot 3)1475
133FAK Project (Control Group)378
132Uday Shankar Hajra (Member)2000172
131Monzi Khaleda Begum1000171
130FAK Project783
129Santanu Chatterjee1000170
128C Parthapratim5000169
127Medical Camp Pathology950
126FAK Project560
125FAK Project486
124Medical Camp Pathology5700
123FAK Project486
122Sunil Nataraj (Member)1100168
121Manish Mukul Ghosh1500167
120C Parthapratim2500166
119Rupsa Majumdar200165
118Pam Chatterjee5000164
117Chaitya Patrika230.97
116FAK Project (consolidated)2176
115Chaitya Patrika692.91
114FAK Project (consolidated)2375
113FAK Project1128
112FAK Project1008
111FAK Project1025
110FAK Project175
109GST+Collection cost269.04
108Amitrajit Saha10000163
107FAK Project888
106FAK Project988
105FAK Project594
104FAK Project270
103Pam Chatterjee10000162
102Manish Mukul Ghosh10000161
101FAK Project725
100FAK Project936
99FAK Project (3 days)2425
98GST+Collection cost69.92
97Sunil Nataraj (Member)2500160
96Bibek Sen1000159
95Uday Shankar Hajra (Member)1000158
94FAK Project984
93GST+Collection cost8.85
92Javed Waris200157
91FAK Project799
90FAK Project816
89FAK Project1452
88FAK Project1077
87TVRF (Lenin Soren)6000
86C Parthapratim3000156
85Monzi Khaleda Begum500155
84FAK Project1384
83FAK Project1928
82FAK Project888
81FAK Project1341
80FAK Project960
79FAK Project198
78Shruti Roy Chowdhury1943.36154
77FAK Project752
75Flex Printing500
74FAK Project600
73FAK Project630
71Monzi Khaleda Begum250153
70FAK Project544
69FAK Project849
68FAK Project850
67FAK Project312
66FAK Project775
65Manish Mukul Ghosh10000152
64FAK Project2171
62Domain booking watan.in589
61Repayment on Aug. 0920000
60FD Proceeds20039
59FAK Project1166
58Samir Sarkar2000151
57Sunil Nataraj (Member)5000150
56Arnab Sarkar500149
55FAK Project450
54FAK Project1282
53FAK Project425
52Tarun Bhargava2000148
51Sudeepta Basu200147
50Taniya Kundu3000146
49FAK Project1076
48Tarit Ghosh500145
47Sohmia Biswas300144
46FAK Project1076
45Uday Shankar Hajra (Member)1000143
44Moonmoon Mallik2000142
43Deep Banerjee500141
42Administrative Expense210
41FAK Project624
40Pradipta Haldar2000140
39Amiya Maikap200139
38Ayandip Nandi1000138
37Subhojit Datta200137
36Nandana Banerjee500136
35Anima Sarkar500135
34Rajarshi Sarkar500134
33Somnath Jana (Feed-a-Kid)10000133
32Mature FD (Aug10)closed
31Transfer to FD20000
30Sunil Nataraj (Member)1000132
29Manish Mukul Ghosh2000131
28Somnath Jana2000130
27Manabendra Mukherjee1000129
26Nirode Majumdar5000128
25Anish Mathew5000127
24Administrative Expense300
23Repayment on Aug. 20closed
22Transfer to Hyd. (Kulsum)20000
21Unsec. Loan20000
20Papiya Mazumdar2000126
19Krushnachandra Murmu1000125
18Javed Waris200124
16R Sarkar500123
15Kulsum Biwi (part payment)18000
14Monzi Khaleda Begum1000122
13Uday Shankar Hajra (Member)3000121
12Sunil Nataraj (Member)6800120
11Five Family Rehab Support0
10Late Toton Rajbanshi (Family)40000
9Kulsum Biwi (Cornea Grafting)0
8Mrinal Kanti Gayen15000
7Gautam Benegal
6Anirban Chakravorty
5Shuvojit Moulik1000119
4C Parthapratim5000118
3Tarun Bhargava4000117
2Santanu Chatterjee1500116
1Carry Forward352.56


Our journey from Chaitya Patrika (the flagship product) to a Public Charitable Trust WATAN has never been smooth. In October 2017, we started with a negative balance, as WATAN was originally designed as a one-time event at JU, Kolkata which never took off so far – but yet, despite receiving lot of small donations from friends and comrades – it’s account still bears a negative net worth of Rs. 9000.00 odd. However, we let it remain at that – and without further delay, launched WATAN Trust operations, a little accidentally though. We had to hastily formalize the association thanks to the continued threats received from the legal institutions as well as those whose business goes at stake because of WATAN.

Lot of friends helped, contributed and provided moral support. We are obliged to acknowledge all of those here. However, here is a list of patrons who donated by cash. Those who donated in kinds will be listed on a separate sheet soon.

The accounts table is spread through 3 sheets. Please find and click the “next” button at the bottom right of the table.

Chaitya Patrika launched WATAN as a subsidiary but with a different objective. However, the switching exercise, setting up, and operative accounts are here.

WATAN Accounts: Oct. '17 - Jun. '18

 Collection  Spending 
213082Balance (June 20, 2018)=(+)0213082
19Amitrajit Saha14500064/2017-18, WATAN (WB51991)Rescue & Hosting Operation12450
18Anish Mathew10000065/2017-18, WATAN (WB51991)Rehab package for one38940
11Arjun Gourisaira500048/2017-18, WATAN (WB51991)Restoring 3 back to family5000
8Atanu Dey (Member)6000067/2017-18, WATAN (WB51991)Cash Aid to Ashok Deogharia5000
29Aurottam Kundu2000066/2017-18, WATAN (WB51991)Watan Registration28000
30Bibek Sen500088/2017-18, WATAN (WB51991)Hospital Bills (Nayan)20000
10Bodhisattva Maity4000059/2017-18, WATAN (WB51991)Cash Handover (Nayan)8000
1C Parthapratim62582Collection Expenses (Bank, GST)758
9Farah Diba Israfil5000072/2017-18, WATAN (WB51991)Hospital Bills (Yasin)6000
21Goutam Sen (Member)2000093/2017-18, WATAN (WB51991)Car booking1600
3Hassan Rahman4000054/2017-18, WATAN (WB51991)Further trfr towards Yasin2500
4Javed Waris500056/2017-18, WATAN (WB51991)Allocated for Umma Kulsum5000
31Kathakali Jana1000097/2017-18, WATAN (WB51991)Collection Expenses (Bank, GST)39
20Manish Mukul Ghosh10000068/2017-18, WATAN (WB51991)Final settlement (Yasin)858
32Monali Bairagi1000101/2017-18, WATAN (WB51991)Plus GST (Yasin)1684.44
28Monzi Khaledabegam2000098/2017-18, WATAN (WB51991)Deposit (Kulsum)7000
5Nibabari Banerjee2000049/2017-18, WATAN (WB51991)Diet Reinforcement (provisional)1200
22Piyali Ganguly2000069/2017-18, WATAN (WB51991)Traveling Expenses (Kulsum Biwi)2000
6Pushpinder Singh10000021/2017-18, WATAN (WB51991)Bankura (Medicine + Crutch)6700
24S S Sayeed2000090/2017-18, WATAN (WB51991)BDN (Malati) Pt. Pay14500
12Santanu Chatterjee (Member)2000073/2017-18, WATAN (WB51991)BDN (Soren) Pt. Pay (Med + MRI)12000
7Satyajit Mitra (Member)6000062/2017-18, WATAN (WB51991)Malda (Sk Samad)3000
2Sk Sultan Alam (Host of the kids)4500051/2017-18, WATAN (WB51991)Sujan Nath (Shaktinagar)6000
23Somdatta Prasad5000085/2017-18, WATAN (WB51991)Toton Rajbanshi (Islampur)6000
13Somnath Jana6000075/2017-18, WATAN (WB51991)Kankar Dhali (Basirhat)8000
25Sukanta Ganguly4000083/2017-18, WATAN (WB51991)Loan repaid on June 2010500
16Sunil Nataraj9000084/2017-18, WATAN (WB51991)Trfr to New Phase352.56
26Susmita Biswas5000100/2017-18, WATAN (WB51991)
15Tapajyoti Mishra5000050/2017-18, WATAN (WB51991)
14Tarun Bhargava2000076/2017-18, WATAN (WB51991)
17Uday Hajra3000087/2017-18, WATAN (WB51991)
2710000099/2017-18, WATAN (WB51991)
Loan procured on June 1310000Usur (no receipt)