WATAN has some success stories to share, and some failure stories too. Look at the attached image. It’s a map of West Bengal, badly hit by political terror a month back. Magenta leaves are where successful rehabilitation and/or multiple trauma management was done (almost) – 9 such points are spotted on the map. NINE IS A BIG NUMBER for an infant organization like ours. Not always we could save the patients though, but the support to the families counts too. Six biker volunteers, and seldom myself covered the entire yellow route at least thrice in these days. We burnt petrol worth almost 18,000 rupees in this exercise. We have collected donations from the generous friends worth almost INR 63,500 (15K via cash) plus 36,042 from my end, while spent almost 127,000 in total during last few weeks. I feel that was worth it. Two extreme ends of the route, the Islampur case, and the one from Basirhat II are examples of our stark failures. We could do almost nothing in these cases, apart from learning a lesson or two. And now I’ll concentrate on the green lines and and connected dots. These are the places where purely financial help is required. Does this image help to nullify the terror? I wish it did. Despite the fact that it has left me almost broke.

-C Parthapratim

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