TVRF Kashmir

Despite GoI’s claim about normalcy in the Kashmir valley, we all know that the public health services in particular are in dire straits up there. People are denied even basic medicines, access to hospitals etc. however grave the patient’s condition might be. Gross violation of Human Rights in this manner has unnerved the world, but the Hindutvavadi imperialists are apparently unperturbed.

We cannot do much about it in our limited capacity, but we can still smuggle in some essential medicines through our comrades’ personal luggage.

World Health Organization, Model List of Essential Medicines, 21st List, 2019. It presents a comprehensive list of medicines. We find this list particularly useful in this case, for we do not have any demographic profiling data regarding diseases in a given area in India. WHO list is statistically validated, so it can’t go wildly wrong. Certain drugs for comforting the ailing ones at least temporarily can be easily pushed in there, though live-saving drugs cannot be carried like this. We are trying to build a stock of these for the small but numerous locked-in communities. We have 7 volunteers so far, all Kashmiri students (2 from Kolkata, 1 from Santiniketan, 3 from Delhi, and 1 from Vadodara). We also have 4 qualified doctors up there who can administer the medicines if things are made available to them. We raised a total sum of Rs. 8427.36 so far in one day. We reckon that we need at least five times as much to pile up a decently useful stock even though we limit the target beneficiaries’ number to 80-100.

If you want to join us in this mission, please contact any of us.
Shabana Mashraki
Monali Bairagi
Or, yours truly.

Or, to maintain confidentiality (which is a valid concern), mail to or whatsapp to 9051042656/ 9831977849