• WATAN is a non-profit organization.
  • WATAN is a Peoples’ Initiative (We DO NOT accept government aid or foreign/ corporate funds).
  • WATAN is a movement.
  • WATAN is just as strong as you are.
  • WATAN runs on the donation packages coming from Responsible Individual members of the society.

Initially, when we took up projects, we asked for funding from the general public, and the benevolent donors bailed us out of situations. Volunteers too were handpicked, they came and went at their whims, or Free Will if you’d prefer to say. However, now we offer regular memberships. We believe this will take the burden of “crisis management” off the shoulders of our funders. We’d also know our budget limits clearly.

We offer three kinds of memberships in WATAN.

  1. Donate 10-Rs a day (billed annually) – Package INR 3000.00 only
  2. Donate 20-Rs a day (billed annually) – Package INR 6800.00 only
  3. One time donation: (No upper limit)

Please fill in the form below. We will review each form manually, and send you payment advise, individually. However, if you want to donate anonymously you may always click here and proceed.


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