WATAN has the following people as comrades-in-arms to carry out its activities as of now. Click on their names to find them on Social Media. (July 18, 2018).

Core group members (Trustees)

Co-opted Basic Members

Associate Members / Patrons

  • Amitrajit Saha (Dr.)
  • Anish Mathew
  • Bibek Sen
  • Bodhisattva Maity
  • Manish Mukul Ghosh (Dr.)
  • Pam Chatterjee (Dr.)
  • Tarun Bhargav

Volunteers’, and Field workers’ names are not published on purpose. Their privacy is a necessity for their security, and our projects. However there are six Field Workers at this moment.

One may become a member here.

This list will be updated when any change happens.